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 A step-by-step guide to teaching classes in a way that minimizes apathy & maximizes active learning


This course is for you if you say "yes" to any of these:

  • You are a secondary English teacher
  • You are not feeling confident with your classroom management skills
  • You want to effectively deal with behavior issues even when you don't feel you are getting support from admin & parents
  • You’ve been frustrated with low engagement and results from your students
  • You want some practical strategies to motivate and inspire your students
  • You know what you have to teach, but you just aren’t sure how to do so in an engaging way
  • You want to have a fun learning environment that challenges your students and keeps the rigor level high
  • You want strategies to keep all kids engaged and learning, regardless of their skill level 

Creating a Climate for Learning will NOT

  1. Focus on teaching to any standardized test - but it WILL give you strategies to motivate and engage your students, so when you do have to teach to a test, they are ready to learn.
  2. Align with a particular curriculum; instead, it gives you strategies you can use regardless of which English class or grade level you teach.
  3. Tell you to stand on tables and spend huge amounts of time, energy, or money to engage kids - but you will learn practical ways to get them ready and excited to learn.

If you're ready to teach & inspire instead of dealing with apathy & disruptions, here's how we'll help you get there:

Module One

Planning to Manage

Have you ever walked by another teacher’s classroom and wondered why they always seems to get the best classes? Each and every day, their kids are working quietly or are excitedly involved in a class activity. Sometimes, this is good luck, but most often it’s because of good planning and preparation. 

Module One will take you through the steps you should follow when you plan to manage - something that should happen long before the kids walk through the door of your classroom.


  • Plan your classroom routines and procedures so you can teach them to your students
  • Discover secrets to creating a strong teacher presence
  • Practice your response to behaviors so you can create a climate of mutual respect
  • Create a clear plan for managing your classes like a pro

Module Two

Laying the Foundation

As far as I’m concerned, relationships are everything in the classroom. That’s why I’ve called this module Laying the Foundation - it’s what everything else you’ll do is built on. When you spend the time building relationships many other things will just fall into place.


  • Learn strategies that will help you build strong relationships at the beginning of your course - and all year long
  • Create a classroom climate where students feel secure and accepted
  • Find ways to engage those who put up barriers
  • Receive strategies, lessons, and learning stations that will help you discover and use your students' preferred ways of learning

Module Three

The Power of Process

You've got your foundation, now it's time to build on it, and get your students engaged in active learning. This module will give you inspiration and strategies for teaching your students how to learn.  More importantly you'll do it in a way that will make them want to learn too.


  • Identify and teach the processes that your students need for success
  • Provide clear learning targets for your students 
  • Plan to model processes and find mentor texts
  • Get inspiration, strategies, and MULTIPLE classroom-tested lesson plans that you can use to focus on the process with your students

Module Four

Planning to Engage

This module is where all of the magic happens. Now that you’ve considered the ways that you will show your kids how to reach the learning target, we’re going to look at strategies to engage them in the learning process.


  • Hook your students and get them ready and excited about learning
  • Get inspiration and lesson plans for varied active learning activities that promote collaboration and critical thinking
  • Provide a balance of learning activities that meet the varied needs of the students in your classes
  • Get your students moving to learn

Module Five

Feed Forward

You put so much time and energy into giving your students feedback - and then they don't use it. Module Five will help you change that, as it focuses on ways that you can use highly effective feedback that feeds your students toward success - and gets them excited about learning.


  • Learn strategies to ensure your students use your feedback
  • Build student confidence and success with formative feedback
  • Find time to do assessments in class - not during evenings and weekends

BONUS module

Engage with Multimodal Learning

There's no way around it: the brains of our 21st century students have changed. They access and use information differently than most of did, so we need to adapt if we want to keep them engaged. And we can do this without sacrificing rigor. This bonus module will explore how using a multimodal approach can help you to that.


  • A look at the 21st century student
  • Learn ways to use tech wisely
  • Get strategies - and assignments - for visual, auditory, and vertical learning


What are other teachers saying about the course? Check below:

"This has been amazing, one of the best and most practical PD options you can do in the comfort of your own home."

JoAnne, Second Year High School Teacher

"This course has been an answered prayer for me! After a very tough year last year, I was looking for ways out. But now, I'm feeling more confident in ways to tackle classroom management and to create an environment where students actually want to learn. "

Amy, 9th and 12th grade English teacher

"This course has completely changed my thinking on how I teach this year!"

Jennifer, 9th & 10th grade English Teacher

"This course provides access to a treasure chest of resources from an expert teacher. It will no doubt save me enormous amounts of prepping time in the future and lead to me being a more effective, conscientious teacher. I'm so glad I signed up for it."

Lizzie, Grades 9 - 12 English Teacher

"Every single lesson had practical applications for me in my classroom. It also helped me feel more capable and confident in my delivery and management skills, and gave me so many ideas for lesson plans and how to hone that process to be more efficient and fun, as well. I feel like this class over delivered."


"If you want to get a head start on the road to "master teacher," this course will point you in the right direction. It's all about taking the time to recognize each of your students and how to do that while successfully teaching them. "


"I teach 7th grade Language Arts and HS Humanities. Even though most of the products are geared towards high school, I learned so much and will be able to use the theory behind the course and many of the products in my classroom. I may have to tweak the mentor texts a little, but if you are wondering if this course is for middle school teachers too, I say yes! There is a little bit of theory, which is the driving force behind everything that Jackie teaches and produces, but it deepened my understanding of how to connect with students and build the foundation of my classroom. She also teaches you how to implement what you've learned and how to use the products to their maximum effect. I'm so glad I signed up for the course and am so grateful for all of what Jackie has created!"

Genevieve, 7th Grade ELA & high school Humanities

"The organization was awesome. I loved that the course was centered around students as real people with real thoughts and feelings and the desire to please."


"This course helped me understand the rationale and strategies behind some of my favorite Room 213 materials, and inspired me with useful and engaging new insights and ideas for my classes this year. "

Jenn, ELA 9-10, Honors

"This course helped me evaluate my own teaching practices and provided tools to strengthen every aspect of delivery: planning, instruction, collaboration, feedback, & more. The exceptional resources are backed by research about how students learn best. I will be utilizing this information for a long time! "

Stacie, 8th grade ELA

ROOM 213's Satisfaction Guarantee

This course has five modules that are meant to work together. Just as I do with own classes, I've scaffolded it in a way that will allow for maximum learning. However, sometimes a course is just not a good fit. If, after two weeks, you can show me that you've done the work for Module One & Two and you are not satisfied, email me at @[email protected] and we will refund your registration.

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Creating a Climate for Learning Digital Course PLUS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions other teachers have asked before signing up for Creating a Climate for Learning:

The strategies in Creating a Climate for Learning are ones that can be applied to any class, regardless of your texts and outcomes. 

There are twenty-five products from my store, each one chosen because it can be used in conjunction with the strategies I teach in the course. You can get a description by clicking here. There are also lesson plans that are exclusive to this course, ones that aren't sold on TpT.

While the course will touch on some of the ideas and strategies I have already explored on my blog, it will go much deeper, giving you even more specifics and strategies to help you engage and manage your classes.

My Teachers Pay Teachers resources are for specific lessons and activities for secondary English classes. This course is a guide that will help you with your day-to-day delivery of your course - regardless of grade, lesson, or activity. It’s a blueprint for how to engage and motivate your students. The resources available through Teachers Pay Teachers are a great accompaniment to what you will learn in this course, however. And, as you know, I will be including TWENTY-ONE of them as a bonus when you sign up.

The resources are bonuses designed to work with the strategies you will learn in the course. However, if you have many of the resources already and would prefer to just purchase the course, you can by clicking here.

As long as you'd like! You have lifetime access, so there is absolutely no rush - you can do it on your own time. However, I will be focusing on one module at a time during the weekly coaching on our Facebook group.

As soon as you register, you'll get access to the course and all of the modules. However, I suggest you plan to go through them one at a time, because they are scaffolded and build on each other.


The products will be available for download with the modules that they align with. Most of them will come in Modules Three - Five. 

I know. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this time it's not. You will get twenty-four of my TpT products, ones that align closely with the strategies I teach in the course. I want you to be able to see the strategies in action; I also want to save you a little time with some lessons that are already completed. 

Yes, there is. You will be given the option at checkout to select a payment plan of four monthly payments of $40.00.

OK, so remind me again what I get when I enroll today?

The Creating a Climate for Learning Digital Course PLUS:

Get it today for only $150! OR get just the course for $89


This course is just what I need.

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Still not sure if the course is right for you?

It's the right fit if...

  1. You're not feeling confident with your classroom management skills
  2. You're tired of facing a sea of apathetic faces every day
  3. You want easy-to-implement strategies to motivate your students
  4. You want your students to be working harder than you are
  5. You want your classroom to be a safe and accepting place full of active learning
  6. You are excited about all of the ready-to-use resources that come with - and complement - the strategies in the course
  7. You are ready to take control of your teacher life and make changes that will leave you feeling less drained at the end of the day

Are you nodding your head?

Then sign up today, and let me help you deliver your course in a way that minimizes disruptions & apathy, and maximizes learning.


The Creating a Climate for Learning Digital Course PLUS:


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