Access to resources for all of the mini-lessons, exercises, activities, and assessments you will need to teach students about author craft (with lots of writing activities too).


Tips and strategies that will help you plan, organize, and deliver lessons that keep your students focused, engaged, and learning. No more hours at the table planning - you'll be ready to go!


A big bundle of new mini-lessons, exercises, and activities added to the membership every month, ones that enhance and supplement the other resources in the membership - and all of last year's too!

The Membership Gives You Access to:

❤️ Over seventy resources from Room 213 that you can use to run your choice reading program, including any new ones that I create and add (over $400 value)

❤️ Lessons and assignments that allow you to seamlessly link writing and reading

❤️ Pacing guides, mini-lessons, slideshows, exercises, assessments, and collaborative activities

❤️ New bundles of lessons and activities added every month ($250/year value)

❤️ Access to ALL of the bundles from the last two and 1/2 years ($650 value)

❤️ A community of other teachers who are using the same resources, including Jackie from Room 213. We will learn from and support each other as we deliver our workshops to our students.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

You will be able to confidently create a solid plan for delivering a choice reading program, one that seamlessly includes multiple opportunities for writing. Or, you can use the lessons to build the skills students will need for a full class novel. You will have all of the mini-lessons, strategies, and activities that you will need at your fingertips. Your students will be engaged and learning - and you'll be able to get back your evenings and weekends because so much of your work is done. Sign up now!

Take a look inside the membership:

You can watch the video, or click here to get the details.


Which ROOM 213 resources come with the Membership?

As a member you will get access to over sixty resources you can use for reading and writing, plus any new ones that I create and add. The BEST part, is that every month you get a new bundle of lessons and activities (valued at $15-20). These bundles are meant to support, build on, and enhance the many resources and lesson in the membership already, and depending on the length of your classes, could be a unit that takes one to two weeks. And. you will also have access to ALL of the bundles from the previous year. You can click here to get more detail on the resources you will be able to use. 

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What are current members saying?

Kirby This membership is worth every penny. All of Jackie’s hard work gave me plenty of time to devote to other things throughout the year, all while executing flawless lessons.  

Jyll: I've been interested in starting reading workshops for years, but the planning and management was so overwhelmingly daunting! Until this membership. It has everything a teacher could possibly need from beginning to end. It's full of adaptable, engaging lessons and resources, and a pacing guide that makes it easy - whether you're a beginning teacher or have been teaching for 10 years (like me)!  And to top it off, there's a  community of teachers to share ideas or problem solve with and amazing monthly bundles. Really, check it out.

Dana: I love curriculum design. I'm good at it, but this year? With the myriad other pressures swirling around us, I took one look at this and knew that Jackie’s curriculum was the answer I needed to retool my materials for this new normal. Not only would it save me hours on the clock, it also served to enrich what I was doing. It’s like I paid for a bottle of wine to sit down with Jackie and do some planning together—albeit remotely! This is better than anything else I’ve ever seen published all in one space.

Danielle: I have used Jackie’s material from Room 213 for years! Everything she puts out is easy to use, functional, and student approved! So when she said she was doing a monthly bundle membership, I knew I was in! During this crazy time more than ever, having one less thing to worry about has really helped. 

Allison Jackie's membership is just incredible. It's like Christmas has come at once. My students have loved everything I've tried with them - they've really, really enjoyed this.

 ❤️ What a tremendous resource this is! I found so many usable assignments and activities that enhanced my workshop in a way that really helped students dig deeper in terms of author's craft. I've loved being a part of this community.

Online Community Support

Everyone who joins the membership will be part of an exclusive online support group. We will be using the same resources and will be there to give each other advice and inspiration.

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For the cost of a few lattes a month, you can have everything you need to confidently run a reading workshop in your classroom. Wouldn't it be worth it to have a lot more time to yourself?

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